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Wenzhou Sanjun Car Parts Co., Ltd.
Wenzhou Lucheng Carriage Fittings Factory

Address:New Factory Area,Jingsan Rd.,Nantang Industrial Zone,Dongtou,Wenzhou City,Zhejiang Province,China
Sales Liaison:Yu Wenwei
  About Sanjun
  Wenzhou Sanjun Car Parts Co.,Ltd.(Wenzhou Lucheng Carriage Fittings Factory) is a professional manufacturer of auto transmission backup ligth switches, speedometer sensors,transmission range pins and engine oill filter bracket fittings. Since 1993,the company has successively taken supporting supply missions for Shanghai Volkswagen, FAW Volkswagen, shanghai GM,Anhui Chery,JAC,Shengyang jinbei, Changfeng Motor,Zhengzhou Yutong, Xiamen Kinglong, Baoding Great Wall Pickup,South East Motor,Chongqing Lifan, and most of the other domestic vehicle manufacturers.
  The company possesses great technical strength,with precision machining, full-automatic comutercontrolled pressure injection machines and other domestic advanced production adn processing equipment.
Global auto parts market share rising to new heights
    Some parts enterprises in China has entered the global vehicle matching system, the export business has become a very important part of the main income. At the same time, due to the requirements of the joint venture vehicle localization rate to promote the trend of the parts made, also makes a small number of parts enterprises with a high-tech product development capabilities,...>>MORE
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